What I Made in 2016
January, 2016 - Stamping Up Paper Pumpin Valentines Day. First one is the banner. Second one is the Treat Pockets. Last two are just close up views of the treat pockets.
This was actually started in a class in 2015, but I didn't finish it until 2016. Christmas Tags. I also like to knit and the blue ruffle scarf turned out better then I thought it would.
From one of the classes I took. I have a wonderful teacher. I liked the Happy Birthday so much that I went and bought the dies so that I could make more.
Another class. I really love the last card - course I love penguins.
February, 2016 - Stamping Up Paper Pumpin.
March, 2016 - Stamping Up Paper Pumpin. I really like this one. Even though I don't usually do gift cards outside of Christmas, I do like the way these are made.